Featured Rescue - March 2017 Sit With Me Rescue

Featured Rescue - March 2017 Sit With Me Rescue

Hey Animal Lovers!

I wanted to share with you about our featured rescue for March. I met this awesome rescue at Bark in the Park Bowmanville in 2015, the day that Garbaroo Co. became a reality!

By chance we were situated beside each other. So let me introduce you to Sit With Me Rescue!

Sit With Me Rescue is a super awesome rescue! 

Reasons why:

1) They are SO passionate about their work! You can see it when you speak with them about how much they want to see an end to abuse and neglect.

2) They pull their rescues from shelters and assess them so they know their dogs and what would be the best fit for them.

3) They are huge advocates for pit bull terrier and dogs impacted by BSL in Ontario. So for this, they are a super special rescue and I am so happy to share their puppers on the daily!

4) They don't discriminate with the dogs they rescue. They can be any size, breed and will take dogs with medical conditions.

5) They are super dedicated and have over 150 volunteers and adopted over 300 dogs out! 

If you're still reading this and haven't gone and Googled them already, I'll make it super easy for you!

Here is their website http://sitwithme.ca.

Stay tuned into our Facebook Page to meet their lovely adoptable dogs!

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